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At Villino Sabiana the guests can relax and enjoy the spectacular view over the sea in the wide shady garden and in the solarium equipped with deck chairs. The private parking is also provided with covered parking spaces.

Villino Sabiana has an availability of five comfortable bedrooms (3 double rooms and 2 double+1bed rooms), each with its private bathroom and refrigerator.

Villino Sabiana di Silve Landini – Località Cala Piccola – Porto Santo Stefano – Monte Argentario



Argentario, the tuscan Caribbean
Argentario is a very peculiar place: it has all the charm of an island but none of the disadvantages as it is, in fact, a rocky promontory linked to the mainland by three stripes of land. This feature makes Argentario absolutely unique.

Porto S. Stefano lies on the northern side of Argentario, facing the mainland. Its historical centre is dominated by the huge fortress built during the spanish dominion of the Stato dei Presìdi.

Villino Sabiana is exceptionally located in one of the most impressive and unpolluted spots of Argentario, only five minutes drive from Porto S. Stefano

The height of our location (300 mt above sea level), allows us the most beautiful view of the Isles of Giglio, Montecristo, Elba and the little Argentarola rock. In the very frequent clear days it is possible to discern the imposing profile of Corsica and Sardegna.
What has made the promontory of Argentario so famous worldwide is, above all, its crystal sea, its secluded bays and its fantastic diving sites as beautiful as to deserve the title of Tuscan Caribbeans.



In this page you will find information on places and events that we consider worth of interest.
The striking morphological uniqueness of Argentario lies in the way it is linked to the mainland by two stripes of land called “Tomboli”: The northern Tombolo of Giannella and the southern Tombolo of Feniglia. Less than 400 years ago the Tombolo of Giannella was still not linked to the promontory, thus permitting the passage to the ships. This is testified by original prints, dating back the seventeenth century, that show the French-Piemontese vessels conquering the small town of Orbetello, now enclosed between two lagoons.



– Pasquavela
Easter week.
Sailing races organized by the Santo Stefano Yacht Club.

– Panerai International Trophee
June, Porto S. Stefano
Classic Yachts races. More than forty classic sailing yachts from Italy, Europe and the U.S. The finest sailing vessels by the best yacht designer of all times.

– 15th August, Porto S. Stefano
Argentario Rowing Race. Four rowing boats represent the four areas of the town in a very hard race: ten legs of 400 metres each. Heart felt event, opened by a colourful parade through the town.